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Cookie Clay- Revolutionary Bakers Clay Medium 600grams

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Revolutionize Your Content Creation with Cookie Clay: Reusable, Natural, and Easy!

Are you tired of constantly baking new cookies for your content creations?

Say goodbye to wasted time and ingredients with Cookie Clay – the innovative solution for efficient, cost-effective, and stunning content creation. Our reusable content cookies are a game-changer for bakers and content creators alike. Here's why:

Reusable: Cookie Clay is a reusable, malleable and re-shapable styling clay that eliminates the baking of cookies for product shoots and styling. Like Styrofoam cakes are to the cakers, Cookie Clay has come to revolutionize things for the cookie bakers.

Eco-friendly: The product has been designed to be nontoxic, have natural antimicrobials, plant-based moisture locking ingredients to resist dryness and mimic the colour of a baked cookie, have a slightly grainy on edge texture when cut, be malleable not oily.  It is reusable and able to be reshaped for up to 6 months if stored correctly (timeframes can differ due to weather conditions in different locations).

Easy: Pull out of the bag, cut, roll & seal. Flawless “cookies” every time guaranteed. We suggest using and photographing your Cookie Clay for no longer than 4 hours at a time to avoid any dryness.  

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